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Quellan Dramatically Increases Speed,
Resolution and Reach of Machine Vision Interconnects

New Active Cable Technology Demonstrated at Vision Show 2008

Boston, Massachusetts – June 10, 2008 — Quellan (Santa Clara, CA) a leader in Analog Signal Processing and RF Noise Cancellation ICs has teamed up with Components Express Inc (Woodridge, IL) to demonstrate the industry's first ultra-high bandwidth copper cable interconnects for Machine Vision applications at Vision Show 2008 in Boston, June 10-12, 2008.

Quellan is a leader in dramatically increasing reach and bandwidth of copper interconnects with its proprietary analog Q:ACTIVE® Lane Extender Technology. While data center interconnects have traditionally driven the need for this technology, the growing trend in the Machine Vision industry to achieve increased accuracy, frame rates, resolution and reach are requiring unsurpassed levels of interconnect signal processing. Quellan's QLx4600 Lane Extender provides the requisite analog signal processing to achieve robust high-resolution computer vision communication at 20 Gb/s over 18 meters of copper cable. This throughput rate enables the new generation UXGA resolution cameras to reliably operate at 100 fps speeds in noisy manufacturing environments at unsurpassed remote reaches.

"We are delighted to scale our Q:ACTIVE signal conditioning and noise reduction technology into Machine Vision interconnects" said Gourgen Oganessyan, Strategic Marketing Manager at Quellan, Inc. "By activating these interconnect cables with our QLx4600 Lane Extender we are able to meet the burgeoning demands of the Machine Vision industry, enabling next-generation high-speed, high-resolution imaging over cost-effective ultra-thin gauge cables".

"The computer vision industry is facing the demands of high-bandwidth imaging in the challenging environment of industrial manufacturing, requiring high-speed, long-reach, flexible and yet mechanically robust interconnects" said Ray Berst, President of Components Express Inc. "The cables we are demonstrating today increase the current data throughput nearly tenfold, while Quellan's equalization technology has allowed us to easily traverse at least 18 meters of copper cable".

The demonstration takes place at
The Vision Show 2008 in the
Components Express booth (#200)

About Quellan
QUELLAN, INC., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, designs and markets analog integrated circuits that dramatically enhance the performance of system interconnects and radio frequency receivers. Quellan chips are embedded in connectors, receiver modules and handheld mobile devices to improve speed, density and reception quality. The company's patented Collaborative Signal Processing products perform adaptive noise cancellation and equalization with an entirely analog signal path for ultra low power. Quellan serves a broad range of applications in the computing, storage, consumer and wireless markets.

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