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CEI USB3 Long Distance Cables for Machine Vision Applications

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What is it?

Active USB3 Long Distance Cables for USB3 Vision.

Why is it important?

Currently, the best passive USB3 cables on the market are unable to surpass lengths greater than 5M. There are other active cables on the market, but they are not backwards compatible to USB2, and are unable to plug & play in a standard USB environment. These other active solutions offer insufficient wattage for the camera and expensive optical solutions do not support power over the cable and are very delicate. Their performance instability leads to unreliable performance resulting in image errors due to the cabling.

The Solution:

CEI's USB3 BitMaxx cables offers the Industry's First STABLE Plug & Play active cable solution for USB Vision, supporting full 5 gig USB3 throughput and power delivery up to 20 meters in length with full USB2 backward compatibility. Designed with the emphasis for durability and dependability using high grade copper and robust shielding to protect against EMI, CEI's USB3 BitMaxx cables provides excellent and reliable performance. Available with a variety of connector and cable choices including right angle exits and Robotic grade cable. Each assembly undergoes rigorous testing and verification before leaving our facility.


USB3, USB3 Vision, Industrial USB3 applications that require long distance cabling.


Cost effective solution, and less than other products within the market place including Active Optical cables.


Standard versions are in stock Now, with customs available within 8 weeks A.R.O.

How can I get it?

Contact CEI and or one of our valued distributors and we will be happy to assist.

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