The following are various examples of our Switches.
All of our Switches are produced to the highest standards and are ideal for large volume requirements.

Please note, that due to manufacturing conditions we have minimum purchase requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Toggle Switch: 90° Angle

Toggle Switch Type: 90° Angle

Micro Switch: Screw Style

Micro Switch Type: Screw Style

Push Button: PCB

Push Button Type: PCB

Tactile Switch: High Post

Tactile Switch Type: High Post

Push Button: Panel Mount

Push Button Type: Panel Mount

Dip Switch: SMT Half Pitch

Dip Switch Type: SMT Half Pitch

Tactile Switches

Tactile Switches

Slide Switch: Solder Mount

Slide Switch Type: Solder Mount

Slide Switch: 90° Angle, PCB

Slide Switch Type: 90° Angle, PCB

Dip Switch: SMT

Dip Switch Type: SMT

Micro Switch: PCB

Micro Switch Type: PCB

Toggle Switch: Screw Style

Toggle Switch Type: Screw Style

Toggle Switch: PCB

Toggle Switch

For more information about our Switches, please contact us directly at 1-630-257-0605 Mon.-Fri. 8AM-5PM CST.