Custom Cables

Medical Grade Cables and Device Assemblies

CEI specializes in providing custom cables for the medical field.
Our ability to custom design and tool molds for specific applications has made Components Express the number one choice for medical cables among our Medical OEM clients. CEI combines the following to compliment our custom cable offerings to the medical field:

  • Custom Design
  • Injection Molding
  • Software Programming
  • Graphics
  • Kitting
  • Wave Soldering

By offering these additional services, CEI has been successful in providing complete kits for our medical device customers. In many cases, sophisticated cables and kits include custom PC boards, programmed EPROMs, programmed floppy diskettes, and CD-Roms.

Many of our medical clients have also taken advantage of our ability to provide global sourcing of electronic components items including: nurse call cords, medical grade power cords, etc. Please visit our Dynamic Sources pages for a snapshot of components we offer.

Technology At Work
Components Express, Inc. has invested heavily in automated technology in order to provide our medical OEM clients with quality products passing along cost savings to our valuable customers.

CEI Medical Device Examples:

nurse call cable assembly
Nurse Call Cable Assembly

medical grade cable software kit
Medical Grade Cable/Software Kit

hospital grade power cord
Hospital Grade Power Cord

komax gamma 333 pc

KOMAX Gamma 333 PC
Utilizing our Komax 333 PC machine we are able to offer: cutting, measuring, stripping, crimping, tinning, marking and testing at 4500 finished assemblies per hour.

electrovert econopak 229 wave solder hydrocleaner

Electrovert Econopak 229Æ w/ WaveDynamics™ and Hydro-Cleaner H-515
Our NEW wave solder combo utilized in CEI's Thru-Hole PC Board mount assemblies that incorporates a deionized water supply. CEI is vertically integrated for customers with patch panel requirements.

ultrasonic cleaner cp308

Ultrasonic Cleaner CP308
For computer cables which utilize solder joints Рwe found the only way to clean solder joints effectively is through ultrasonic chemical treatment followed by Microcare̠ Chemical Bath.

spx baking chamber

SPX Blue M Electric Baking Chamber
When manufacturing PC boards with connectors or cables which have received a chemical bath, the products are dried in our convective baking chamber for 1 hr. to remove residual moisture.

For more information about our Medical Cables/Device Assemblies, please contact us directly at 1-630-257-0605 Mon.-Fri. 8AM-5PM CST.