CEI is an Approved OEM Hardware Manufacturer for Cisco Systems

CISCO Smart Serial, Router and Octal Cables
CEI's Cisco OEM Equivalent cables offer the same exceptional quality for a fraction of the cost. Our cables are available in custom and standard lengths. Cisco equivalent cables are manufactured to the original OEM specifications.

Patch Panel Capabilities
Components Express, Inc. has provided many economical solutions to customers who utilize complex cable assemblies by designing custom patch panels to replace excessive cabling "spaghetti." You get manageability, reliability, savings and space through the compact design of our 1 RU (rack unit) networking panels. Our patented patch panels utilize the latest technology and are engineered to the highest standards. Our panels are a direct compliment to Cisco's network modules and service routers including:
Asynchronous Network Modules: NM-16A, NM-32A
High Speed WAN Interface Card Service Routers: HWIC-8A, HWIC-16A

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CEI offers commodity cables and custom variations on every line. Our specialty is working with OEM engineers to create solutions never thought possible.

The following images were provided from one of our clients