Registered Member of the European Machine Vision Association

Components Express, LLC. is a member of the EMVA, European Vision Association.

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The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA)

The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) was founded as an Association of European Machine Vision Companies and national Machine Vision Associations.

  • The Purpose and Goals of the EMVA
  • Strengthen the position of its member companies in the markets worldwide
  • Strengthen the position of European machine vision technology in the markets world-wide
  • Providing a European platform for exchange of information and joint action of its member companies
  • Enhancing European and international recognition of Machine Vision Networking platform for EMVA members.
  • Networking platform with other national and international organizations.
  • Providing a liaison body for European organizations and authority.
  • Promotion of market visibility of its members.
  • Providing market and statistical data on a European level.
  • Establishing recommendations about European standards.
  • Organization of European conferences and other events

Components Express, LLC. is an active member and participant of the EMVA.