Authorized Honda Connector Distributor

Components Express is an authorized distributor for Honda Connectors, Inc., offering significant cost savings to our customers as well as value added services. We offer a large array of cable assemblies featuring Honda's products, which, as with all of our products maintain the highest level of performance and satisfaction, guaranteed!

Products and Services Featuring Honda Connectors

CEI's manufacturing services utilize Honda products on many of its' custom cable products, which many customers prefer a completed cable assembly over purchasing the materials and building the cable themselves. Some of the industries that we serve include: Machine Vision, Industrial Automation, Machine Tool, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and Data & Telecomm. Specializing in servicing the Automation industry for Machine Tooling cables and products such as; Tech Pendant and Encoder cables, which are used on a variety of equipment, and OEM's that utilize a Honda Connector within their environment.

Our expertise and resources allow us to produce and offer a broad spectrum of Honda products, service and support.

Honda Connectors, Inc. ( History )

Honda has become a industry leader in the manufacturing of high performance interconnect products that serves virtually all applicable markets including, data, wireless, peripheral, medical, industrial, military, and aerospace.

Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co., LTD. originally established in 1932 as a manufacture of precision screw machine parts. By 1942 Honda had entered into the telecommunications market by producing plugs and Patch cords for telephone switchboards. In 1947 the company was re-established as a full line connector company; developing and designing products for the computer, telecommunications, instrumentation, and machine markets.

By the mid 80's a company under the name of Mhotronics Inc. started marketing high density connectors for distribution and offering cable assemblies to its' customers. In July of 2001, Mhotronics was established as a subsidiary company and renamed Honda Connectors, Inc. for the purpose of consolidating overseas sales.

Our Relationship with Honda Connectors, Inc.

In June 2005, Components Express, LLC. became an authorized distributor for Honda Connectors, Inc. In addition, Honda Connectors Inc. has provided their vast surplus of manufacturing materials and equipment that is used for cable assembly manufacturing to be included in our product offering. In November 2007, Components Express, LLC. purchased all of the manufacturing equipment and materials used for cable assembly manufacturing by Honda Connectors, Inc. and formerly Mhotronics, Inc. Our procurement of the materials, equipment and tooling has allowed us to provide a substantial cost savings to our clients, while utilizing the high level of quality and performance found in Honda Connectors products.