Components Express, Inc. & JIIA
Components Express, Inc. is a proud member of the JIIA, Japan Imaging Industrial Association. The JIIA is recognized as being the official standardization group for Japans vast industrial imaging industries.

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About: Japan Imaging Industrial Association (JIIA )

Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA) is a Japan-based organization fostering technological innovation of industrial imaging, promoting global community for the organizations related to industrial imaging, and thereby further contributing to development of the field of these industrial imaging world-wide.

Japanese industrial imaging companies now have a large share of shipment value in the global market including industrial cameras, input devices, image processors, image processing software, optical instruments, lighting equipment, measurement / analysis machinery, and so on. The position of Japanese industrial imaging technology is high and important in the global market and JIIA is therefore expected world-wide to act as a leading developer of industrial imaging technology.

JIIA aims to:

  • Promote Standardization of industrial imaging technology
  • Disseminate foreign general standards in Japan
  • Constitute network with foreign related organizations
  • Promote / contribute the field of industrial imaging world-wide
  • Compile statistics of machine vision market study