CEI is a registered member of the WHMA®
Components Express, LLC. is a proud member of the WHMA®, Wire Harness Manufactures Association. The WHMA®; is dedicated to the wire harness and cable assembly industry and supports a vast number of organizations.

Components Express, LLC. strives to provide the very best in quality, workmanship and service by utilizing the latest technology, materials and processes.

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Wire Harness Manufacture's Association (WHMA®)

The Wiring Harness Manufacturer's Association® was established in 1993. WHMA® is the ONLY organization exclusively serving American manufacturers of wiring harnesses, electronic cable assemblies, and cord sets, along with their suppliers and distributors.

WHMA® members have banded together as a not-for-profit association in the spirit of volunteerism and mutual benefit to provide the only industry forum through which member companies can aggressively solve both their specific problems and also address pressing industry problems.

The WHMA® is dedicated to providing our members the technical support, access to leading edge technology, benchmarking and the ability to network with the leaders in wire processing equipment, services and manufacturing.

Our goal is to ensure our members have the ability to maximize their return on investment.

"The Wiring Harness Manufacturer's Association is the only organization dedicated to serving the wire harness/cable industry."

Components Express, LLC. is a registered member of the Wire Harness Manufacture's Association (WHMA®)