Components Express, Inc. & BIT MAXX™
Components Express, Inc. is a global supplier and manufacturer of Camera Link® and related cable assemblies serving the Machine Vision industry. An ISO: 2000 certified company and an active member of the AIA, JIIA and IAI that specializes in molded assemblies, which are RoHs compliant. CEI's extensive product development & engineering support is recognized throughout the industry as being the forefront in cabling technology, which is reflected in CEI's new BIT MAXX™ brand. CEI is well known for specializing in solutions for both custom and standard applications. Come visit us today and see why Components Express, Inc. is the worlds greatest machine vision cable manufacturer!

The term BIT MAXX™ and its' associated products are exclusive to Components Express, Inc. and it's authorized business partners.

About: BIT MAXX™
Components Express, Inc. is proud to announce the development of the BIT MAXX™ brand. BIT MAXX™ represents CEI's latest achievements in product technology for the Machine Vision and related industries involving imaging applications.

BIT MAXX™ goes beyond the norm by embracing the best technologies from across a variety of industries and developing innovative products to help solve some of the industries biggest concerns. CEI's customers can be assured that every BIT MAXX™ product reflects the utmost highest level of performance and integrity that is possible. CEI's continuous commitment towards excellence through its' service, development and manufacturing of innovative products is known thought the world!